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Geometry- and Attachment constraint

http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=24&t=799632 http://shaderop.com/   SO_GeometryConstraint.js SO_UvGeometryConstraint_v1.1.xsiaddon

emPolygonizer.Vertex color Rendering

emPolygonizer v2.vertex color rendering scripts [notice type=”blue”] ‘ set oPass  = GetCurrentPass pass         = oPass.FullName frameStart  = GetValue(pass&”.FrameStart”) frameEnd   = GetValue(pass&”.FrameEnd”) frameStep  = GetValue(pass&”.FrameStep”) ‘ for frm = frameStart to frameEnd step frameStep SetValue ” PlayControl.Current”,frm Refresh RenderPasses pass, frm ,frm next ‘ [/notice]  

emPolygonizer.Vertex Color

// emPodlygonizer v2_Vertex Color Rendering.Test